NEW Jewellery Maker TV Projects

This week I loved presenting these two new projects for Jewellery Maker TV

I feel very fortunate to have been invited to appear as a guest designer for Jewellery Maker TV several times now. Being part of a live TV show is always daunting.  So although I still feel nervous, I’ve done it enough times that I know what to expect. I know which camera to look at, how to prepare my demo pieces and how to answer questions from the audience. Years of teaching mean I’m comfortable with explaining tricky techniques or knowing which parts of the creative process might cause problems. And because I love sharing my jewellery making skills, being part of the Jewellery Maker UK family and meeting a worldwide audience via the small screen is just amazing.

Metal clays are still very new to most people so I’m trying to keep all my projects suitable for beginners. However, there’s one form of silver clay that seems to capture the interest of everyone I talk to, it’s the syringe-type silver clay. It’s simply a slightly softened form of silver clay in a syringe applicator that can be extruded freehand or over templates to create the most exquisite, filigree designs – I love it!

So, this week for Jewellery Maker TV, I presented two new syringe projects which went down a storm.


If you missed the show there’s still time to catch both projects here (fast fwd to 2.00pm when I start the first demo). Don’t have the materials to try these at home? No problem. There’s actually very little you’ll need. Email me for a silver clay syringe, costing only £15.00 and either of these designs can be yours – tomorrow!

If there are any techniques or designs you’d like to see me make on Jewellery Maker TV do let me know. I’d love to hear your ideas…!

Melanie x