Teach what you do

The phenomenal rise of the handmade movement has opened a world of opportunity to those who teach creative skills. From calligraphy and cheese making to photography and social media skills. If you have a skill, you can be sure there’s someone out there who will be willing to pay to learn from you.

This revolution in learning traditional and contemporary crafts also means that colleges, cafes, clubs and arts venues are actively seeking confident and inspiring teachers - could this be you?

I’ve been teaching creative workshops since 2003 and will be the first to admit that those first few classes left a lot to be desired. But since then, I’ve learned so much and over time have perfected my lesson planning strategy, delivery and promotions – including how to deal with those inevitable unexpected situations.

I want to share with you the secrets I’ve learned so that you feel ready and confident to start planning your own successful and profitable classes.

Find out...

  • Where to find customers to fill your classes
  • Choosing a great venue your students will love
  • Writing a lesson plan – with real life examples!
  • Creating a classroom – the equipment and resources you’ll need
  • Pricing and promoting your classes – for profit and success

'I found Melanie’s advice really useful, it helped me to sort my thoughts and believe that I could actually do it, not just imagine doing it! Informative, enjoyable, motivating'


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