Find A New Craft for 2020

Choose a craft you’ll want to continue with my four P’s rule…!!

With so many exciting new creative projects to choose from and enticing new skills to learn if, like me, you’ve promised to be more creative in 2020, it can be difficult to know where to start. One glance at Pinterest and I feel confused by the sheer number of possibilities. To avoid overwhelm and choose a craft you’ll want to continue, follow my four P’s.

1. Practicality –  does the craft suit your lifestyle in terms of space and time? Can you accommodate bulky equipment or materials? If you are time poor and like quick results, a mindful craft that takes time to progress might be good to relax with but is unlikely to stand the test of time.

2. Price – think carefully about investing in pricey tools or materials, in the early days at least. If these new skills don’t suit you it will be even more disappointing to have spent a fortune on redundant equipment.

3. Persistence – most creative skills, if they are worth mastering, will take time and effort to become proficient in. An expert might make it look easy but you can be sure that ease will be the result of many years of practice. See early mistakes as learning opportunities…!!

4. Pleasure – being creative is in our blood. For our ancestors it was a means to survive but we have the luxury of choosing to make something for pleasure. If you’re not enjoying learning new skills, try something else!