Life On Hold? Definitely Not!

I’ve put together my best tips for staying positive, looking after ourselves and making the most of these uncertain times…

What a week, I can’t believe it’s only Thursday! It would be hard to deny things are looking tough for many of us right now but March is the month of warmer days, lighter evenings and the start of Spring. So I’ve put together my best tips for staying positive, looking after ourselves and making the most of these uncertain times…

  1. Take A Garden Safari – get right down to grass roots and you’ll be amazed what’s going on out there. Daffodils, early tulips, forget-me-nots and tiny wild violets. Seems no-one told Nature ‘Life Is On Hold’. You might even spot a butterfly, bumblebee or a ladybird. Oh…and you’ll definitely see a few weeds. Pull them up whilst you’re about it and you’ll feel good about doing something positive. No garden? On to tip number 2…!
  2. Open The Windows – on warmer days, open your windows wide and let Spring in. All that fresh air, sunshine and positive energy invigorates the home and boosts the spirits. And don’t forget to also….
  3. Listen To The Birds – at dawn and dusk even our cities are bursting with birdsong and usually, we’re too busy to listen. Make a point of appreciating the chatter and song of our feathered friends as they prepare for Spring.

What can we do indoors to keep our spirits up? I’ve read lots about crafting and catching up with box sets but here are some ideas of my own

  1. Lay The Table – If you’re lucky enough to have family to sit with at mealtimes it can sometimes be a struggle just to get the food onto the table. But, now that we potentially have some enforced leisure time, spending a few minutes to find place mats, pretty glasses and fresh flowers makes the world of difference. Even if you’re on your own, lay a tray and make mealtimes special. Or, see tip number 2…
  2. Make Tea Time an Occasion – As we have more time and less to do, making small moments special can really lift the spirits – tea time is such an occasion. Hunt out those cups with saucers that you never use because they’re a bit fiddly to wash up. A milk jug is essential and dainty cakes. I think a pretty plate of fondant fancies strikes just the right note between decadent and aesthetically pleasing?
  3. Adventures With Ingredients – can’t find your usual groceries? Buy something new, then dust off your recipe books or search online to find out how to use it. This really ticks all the boxes, a sense of adventure, takes a bit of time, learning something new and (hopefully) great eats at the end. You might even discover a new favourite…!!

It can be hard not to feel anxious or worried about what the coming weeks might hold, so looking after our own well-being is more important than ever. All of the above will help but here are two more ideas to try…

  1. Treat Yourself – do you have a favourite perfume / top / nail varnish / lipstick that you’re saving for a ‘special occasion’? Well, that time is now. Even if you don’t plan to leave the house it will make you feel better and that’s what’s important. (I’m a tiny bit nervous this one might be seen as either shallow or frivolous in the light of what’s happening around the world but self-care and small actions to feel good can only be helpful. If you don’t agree, you may be right and I respect your opinion, please ignore this point….)
  2. Listen to Music – I’d highly recommend not listening to the radio or watching television or at least limiting both to key updates only, once or twice a day. Instead, put on your favourite music, whatever makes your toes tap, dance in your kitchen and sing into a wooden spoon. I guarantee the world will look brighter….!!

I really hope that one or two of these might brighten your day or make the coming weeks easier. But I’ve noticed you’re a very creative crowd so no doubt you’ll have ideas even better than mine. If you’d like to share them with me I’ll pass them on in a future newsletter.

Sending cheery wishes and positives vibes to you all,

Melanie x